Month: July 2012

  • Don’t tell me it’s raining down my back when I know it’s not rain.

    I hope you have been following the dispute between Alliance Beverage and Four Peaks Brewing which has lately been the topic of many publications .  This issue is much larger than whether or not a “commercial agreement” existed between the two companies, it does however, demonstrates just what can happen when two companies are between a rock […]

  • “You are what you are!”

    Bill Parcells, the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, was asked about the mid-season record of the team, which was at 500, said, “you are what you are!”.  In this case, an average team. In the last 50 years our industry has seen a number of dramatic mergers and acquisitions, some good, some bad but […]

  • The coming tsunami

    In 1969, my first summer working on a Coors delivery truck in Dallas, the entire portfolio of the company consisted of: 4/6 NRs, 24/12 bottles (same as the 4/6 bottle), 12/32 quarts, 1/4 bbls., 1/2 bbls.  These 5 packages of Coors Banquet is all we had, think about it, only 5 SKU’s of one brand!  Of […]

  • There is no such thing as “just one beer!”

    May 26, 1969, on that day I sold my first case of beer (Coors) in Dallas at Willowbrook Distributing as a summer college job.  Now, 43 years later, selling beer I decided to blog on today’s beer industry.  So just who am I and why am I now starting this beer blog? Today there exists a number of […]