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  1. john kanetzke Avatar
    john kanetzke

    I sent the below to my friend @ ShorePoint….8 million cases Coors/imports. I am trying to spread the word.~~~ jfk

    From: “John Kanetzke”
    Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 1:10 PM
    Subject: new business articles

    here is a friend of mine that now writes articles. FREE service. And, he speaks the truth.~~~~ jfk

  2. Diane Fall Avatar
    Diane Fall

    Hi Geoff
    Trying this out to see if it works

    1. Diane Fall Avatar
      Diane Fall

      I love your blog. You are one of the smartest guys in the liquor business and certainly the best in the beer business. Any craft brewer should follow your lead if they want a position in the market. You understand distributers better than most and as we both know, they can make you or break you.
      Good luck to you, my friend, and you know where you can get a beer and a golf game in Naples!
      Diane Fall

  3. Brent Scott Avatar
    Brent Scott

    I have been meaning to write to you and tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter. I have now been in the business longer than most of my suppliers have been living and remember vividly the history of business and the coming and going of suppliers, V.P.s, and brands. Your accuracy is spot on! It is amazing watching the transformation the business has experienced as well as the cycle of things that everyone thinks is new, but just recycled. Anyway, just a quick note to tell you “Good Job”
    Brent Scott

  4. ddavid frank Avatar
    ddavid frank


    You are 100% on target.

    There are new opportunities out there very day. Like the stock market, there’s always a momentum player.

    Like we always said, “simpletons talk of the past…………innovators of the present and future”.

  5. Dick Barron Avatar
    Dick Barron

    I’m enjoying the blog. However, I have a correction to your December ‘Little Kings’ edition:

    loosely quoted: “George’s Dallas rep, Dick Barron”. Correction: I was George’s Fort Worth rep.

    Also, did you ever get that hitch out of your backswing?

  6. Judy Haire O'Shaughnessy Avatar
    Judy Haire O’Shaughnessy

    Hello Geoff,

    Jim Haire was my dad and he would have been thrilled to see his name, and “Haire U” online on your website. He ate, slept, breathed, all things Schlitz right up to his death at 95, in 2012. The Schlitz Marketing Institute (Haire U) was a huge source of pride and accomplishment for him, and a remarkable facility in the brewing industry in its day. He would have been honored and proud to know he is still remembered.

  7. Brenda Avatar

    Geoff, It is so great to see you doing what you love and share your wealth of beer knowledge with us all. Cheers to you!

  8. Brian Avatar

    Hi Geoff, please drop me a line. Would love to talk. Cheers.

  9. Carl Sheeler Avatar
    Carl Sheeler

    There are so many mentions of mergers and high multiples, but no details as to either amounts paid or multiples. Anyone have some links or details to share for us mere mortals?

    Any two cents on some of the dominant Wine and Spirits distributors on the left coast and what these mergers might mean?

    1. Geoff Avatar

      Hard to say as the numbers are difficult to get. In the last several years the multiples for some distributors went as high as 10X. The W&S are even more difficult to get. When a craft sells look at the price per barrel. Years ago the benchmark was about $200 per bbl. The recent BP and Constellation deal is said to have gone for around $3500 per bbl. If the purchase price was $1 billion, the math is easy.
      I will be addressing more on this as they unfold in 2016.

  10. Carl Sheeler Avatar
    Carl Sheeler

    Thanks Geoff, Are you referring to distributors? There is a data source called Pitch Book that has some of these transactions listed. but you being the SME I thought I’d see what others have found.

    The sticky wicket of obtaining manufacturers’ approval appears to have been overcome given the number of transactions from 2010 – 2015. Any thoughts?

    1. Geoff Avatar

      You can use a multiple for either brewery or distributor, many do, however when you price a brewery it is usually by barrel. In addition I still hear and believe that the approval process is tough. It is the only time that a vendor can leverage its brands for support with a distributor. Given the distributors commitment, a vendor will use that to measure performance. Simple, but it works.

  11. Jose Gonzalez Avatar
    Jose Gonzalez

    Good morning Geoff,

    My CEO would like to find some time to meet with you, over coffee, in the next few days?

    He is leaving for a trade trip (japan, korea) on Sunday.

    Maybe coffee on Friday? Thanks,

    Jose Gonzalez (one of your current students)

    1. Geoff Avatar

      Thanks Jose, I would be happy to visit with your CEO, only one issue. You are aware that I live in Dallas?

      If your CEO is in Portland from April 7-10th I will be in town those dates and can visit anytime during those days.

  12. Michael D'Annunzio Avatar


    Would you be available for a discussion regarding a speaking opportunity for our wholesalers association?

    Our group would be very interested in your perspective, and we have an upcoming meeting June 13-14 in Asheville, NC.

    Thank you for your time.

    Michael D’Annunzio
    Beverage Distributors, Inc.

    1. Geoff Avatar


      Sure I am available to discuss this opportunity. Let me know when you want to visit.


  13. Michael D'Annunzio Avatar


    Great…could you reply to my email address directly, so I can forward you my contact information?


  14. Josh Avatar

    Hi Geoff,

    In your article about the fall of Schlitz ( you reference a Harvard Case Study. I have been looking all over for this case study and cannot find it. Do you have a copy you can share or can you point me to where I can find it?


    1. Geoff Avatar

      I might. Let me look but it will be a couple of weeks as I am in the middle of moving. If I don’t get back in a while send a note and I will follow up.

  15. Pat McEntee Avatar
    Pat McEntee

    I look forward to reading your blog each week. Thoroughly enjoyed working with you those many years. You are a class act.

  16. Brian Brophy Avatar
    Brian Brophy


    I always enjoy reading your weekly blog. Brings back countless great memories, having spent over 22 years in the industry with Anheuser Bush, Coors, and then Gambrinus.

    Your blog today discussed how Gambrinus used AOL for an email system. In 1994, I opened the Southeast Division office in Atlanta for Gambrinus. Initially I had 8 States with over 14 District managersand another 6 or 8 retail specialists.

    Out of desperation, in an effort to setup an effective communication network, I had everyone sign up for AOL and told them to expense the monthly fee. We all set up accounts that started with TGC (first name) It worked very effectively for us gathering all the sales info etc.

    Within a year San Antonio adopted the system that I set up and used it for the entire company before they acquired their own in-house internet system a couple of years later.

  17. Hector J. Montes Avatar
    Hector J. Montes


    I received your most recent post through a co-worker and are interested in subscribing to you new posts. Really enjoyed your article.

    Thank you

  18. Manager Ryebeverage Avatar

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    1. Geoff Avatar

      Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you enjoyed it. I have contributors, however, I do all the writing. You are welcomed to respond to any posted article but at this point, I have not posted another article from someone else.


  19. Jerry Patzwald Avatar
    Jerry Patzwald

    Hi Geoff:
    I am interested in being added to your list of blog recipients.
    Thank you,
    Jerry Patzwald
    S&H Brands

  20. CNS Avatar

    Hi Geoff,

    I stumbled upon your site one day and have been a regular visitor since then. I’m stopping by to say thank you for making your work available to everyone. Usually, content is available to paid subscribers only, so a huge thanks for that.

    You really have the best content around – so good that even your titles are unmatched! Please let me know if you’re ever in CNY and want to visit the best brewery.

  21. CNS Avatar

    Hi Geoff,

    I stumbled upon your site one day and have been a regular visitor since then. I’m stopping by to say thank you for making your work available to everyone. Usually, content is available to paid subscribers only, so a huge thanks for that.

    You really have the best content around – so good that even your titles are unmatched! Please let me know if you’re ever in CNY and want to visit the best brewery.

  22. Byron C Yahnis Avatar
    Byron C Yahnis

    Have not seen your letters for some time. Add me back to your email list if you are still writing

    Always loved your knowledge and the inner workings of the brewery and distributor as well as the great stories. My family survived the Schlitz debacle and today we are prospering with a great portfolio of brands Thanks, Byron Yahnis

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