• After writing and posting for years, my contributors are all my thousands of readers who have offered and sent a number of great suggestions, ideas, and information regarding the beer industry.  I wish to thank all of them and please continue to send those ideas.



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  1. Eddie O. Goynes Avatar
    Eddie O. Goynes


  2. Carter S. Huber Avatar
    Carter S. Huber

    It’s interesting to read about a guy that I have admired for many years. The same guy who brought me into this business some 34 years ago. Never one to leave anything out or be afraid to speak his mind, Geoff’s opinion’s about the beer business have always created controversy to anyone willing to listen. Sometimes it was more than anyone one wanted to acknowledge. What has been the fact of the matter was this; Geoff was always speaking the truth and always willing to accept the consequences for whatever he said. Yes, in other words, he was always right.
    As Jack said in a movie years ago, “You can’t handle the truth”.
    So, you want to see facts and figures that are always on target, you have found the right blog post.

  3. John Launder Avatar
    John Launder

    Great posting. Wait until the grain price increases from the summer drought hit! You’ll have to double the size of your chart. However, “creative” marketers will dabble in packaging, container and size configurations to achieve pricing goals. End result? The consumer gets shafted and gallonage falls.

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