I edit and publish Beer Business Unplugged, not as a journalist who writes about the beer industry, but as an individual who spent their entire professional career actually in the beer business. I’m not like the “sports writer” who “never played the game,” but writes and comments about the sport. I actually played the “game.” In fact, my career covered six decades having started as a helper on a Coors truck while in college in 1969, so I’ve lived through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and 10’s. In addition to owning my own distributorship, I worked at importers, crafts, W&S wholesalers, contract breweries, major domestic brewery,
and for wholesalers. I’ve been part of many organizations including the NBWA, WBDT, RMCBDA, and other state organizations. I’ve held most positions in the industry ranging from a helper on a truck to President of, not only my own company but also several importers.  In recent years I have moved to teaching craft beer in colleges such as Portland State University for their Business of Craft Brewing program while lecturing on beer at the University of Texas-Dallas.  Currently, I work as an independent consultant building and advising breweries and investment companies on the beer industry.  I have also played a role as an expert witness in a number of beer-related court cases

While there are many fine industry publications, there are none that are strictly editorials that deal with the issues of today in a way that is not influenced by either subscribers or advertisers and is unfiltered. It has been my intention to continue that way so I hope you find these editorials thought-provoking and provide you with a perspective you might not have considered. I planned to address topics including but not limited to: the three-tier system, franchise laws, pricing, SKU’s, crafts, marketing, packaging, organizations, and I will also write about people who have played key roles in the beer industry but never received their due.
All of these will be tied to events I have actually participated in over the decades. Please send me your comments, I’d like to read them. I will continue to address the industries issues through the blog while I continue to consult with many companies on all three tiers.  In the meantime, I have to go get a cold one, want to guess the brand?

I’m also available to speak at industry events and sales meetings.  Please feel to contact me if you would like to discuss any engagements.


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  1. Jeff Coleman Avatar
    Jeff Coleman

    Hello Jeffrey:

    Congrats, I like the publication, the format, and am most impressed by your straight forward writting style. Know a guy for 20 years and you still don’t know all his talents.

    Let me know how and I can help and consider it done. Or otherwise, when you need a pigeon on the links I’m available.

    All the best, ~ Mel

  2. d Avatar


    A helluva story regarding the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company.

    i, like you, lived through the debacle. It’ one of the most unbelievable yarns in the beer business……….EVER.

    Keep up the dandy work.

    It’s a pleasure to read.

  3. ddavid frank Avatar
    ddavid frank


    Regarding your post on the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company – – you and Carter and i both lived through the demise of Schlitz.

    Tis a story no one would believe………..but it still happens.

    PPM…………..$#@^ Poor Management.

    Remember, what gets measured, gets done.

    It didn’t happen back in those days.

    Keep pounding those keys. Great stuff

  4. Doug Courtenay Avatar
    Doug Courtenay

    If you would please add my name to your mailing list.

    Thanks Doug

  5. Dwayne Jones Avatar
    Dwayne Jones

    Great blog!

  6. David Frank Avatar
    David Frank


    add my address to your mail list.

    Many thanks and Cheers,


    1. Geoff Avatar


      I show this one is active. Did it change?

  7. David Halvorsen Avatar
    David Halvorsen

    I would like to subscribe to your blog

  8. Andrew Buxton Avatar
    Andrew Buxton


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