Month: August 2012

  • The forgotten generation…..

    Over the decades I must have sat through maybe a hundred “marketing” meetings on either the vendor or wholesaler side. I’ve seen these in all categories, domestics, imports, crafts and even PAB’s. In almost every case, during the “brand strategy” segments (always early in the meeting), they would present the targeted demographics for the particular […]

  • What we have here is a failure to communicate!

    The best definition of growing old, I believe, is when “the past means more than the future!”  You can see that in the writings of the famous Dan Jenkins when he talks about golf.  Jenkins, recently elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame, can’t seem to write an article without reference to the great Ben […]

  • Is there an Elephant in the kitchen?…

    After college in the early 70’s I took a job in Austin as a route salesman for Falstaff beer. At that time, Schlitz was #1 followed by the regionals, Pearl and Lone Star, with Falstaff and Budweiser not far behind. Heavy weights of today, Miller and Shiner, weren’t much back then and of course, crafts […]

  • Collateral Damage

    I used to love getting certified letters from a lawyer representing one of our distributors informing me of a pending sale to a new distributor.  The letters always asked for my signature “approving” the transaction and had little to no details.  What is really frustrating was that the transaction was to take place at the […]