Month: February 2013

  • Fish rot from the head…..

          I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to either work for, or with, many of the industries leaders in all segments: supplier, wholesaler and even retail.  When I first started out, many industry leaders were part of the “greatest generation” and veterans of World War II.  Today, many on the supplier […]

  • I was born at night…it just wasn’t last night!

          Prior to the 1980’s, Heineken, for all practical purposes, had the import market to itself.  They were by far the number #1 import, and had been for years, even though their distribution system was primarily through wine and spirit houses.  The growth of Corona, which took off with the change to the clear bottle, […]

  • A small act of kindness…..

      Almost every small south Texas town annually hosts a local event which helps foster community in that town.  Most events are either rodeos or festivals which emphasize what the town is known for, like the Watermelon Festival in Luling, Texas or the Poteet Strawberry Festival in Poteet, Texas.  The three largest rodeos in Texas are the Ft. […]

  • We have met the enemy…and he is us

          Ambitious Brew – The Story of American Beer, by Maureen Ogle, is an outstanding and well written history of the American beer business. Interestingly, it was published in 2006.  Since its’ publication seven years ago, much has changed in the beer industry.  The sale of AB to InBev and the growth of the […]