Month: April 2013

  • Half of knowledge is knowing who to ask…..

    When Diageo was formed after acquiring the Seagram brands, they established a wholesaler network in the US by approaching all the top wine and spirit houses.  Almost every large house was invited to present their RFP.  At the time, I was the Director of Malts for Glazer’s, a Brown Forman house. Republic had most of […]

  • FM 966

    About a two hour drive from Frankfurt, Germany, one can find themselves in a region that has some of the softest water available used to brew pilsners. And three of the world’s best are from here: Warsteiner, Veltins, and Krombacher.  These breweries are all located close to each other, in fact, it is only about 20 […]

  • You dance with the one who brung you……

    When the Houston Astrodome first opened it quickly became the largest on premise keg account in Texas.  It was the home field for both the Astros and the Oilers, and numerous special events including concerts, motorcycle races, bowl games, etc.  When I was at Lone Star Brewing, the month sales number for the Astrodome was […]

  • What they don’t teach you at Harvard!

    While attending college, I worked on the Coors trucks during the summer.   The training I received was all OJT. It was not until I worked for the Schlitz operation in Louisiana, that I got my first formal beer training, Haire University in Milwaukee.  The training we received was more hands on with draft.  We spent two […]

  • The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.

      As a young District Sales Manager for Lone Star Brewing Co., my district included West Texas with many miles to cover and a multitude of distributors on whom to call.  One was a medium size Miller/Lone Star/Pearl whose owner was in college at the same university, at the same time as I.  During my visits […]