Month: May 2013

  • May 27, 1949

    Glazer’s operation in Columbus, Ohio represents a nice portfolio of crafts and imported beers, including Boston Brewing Co. products.  Since Columbus is the home of Ohio State University, this market was chosen a decade ago to be a test for the new Samuel Adams Light beer.  To kick off the new beer, Jim Koch came to […]

  • 42….

    In the mid 70’s, I took the Sales Manager job at Mid State Distributors in Alexandria, Louisiana.  Schlitz, at the time, had a 48% share of the market, and while Mid State was a small house, I had five direct reports, two of whom ran sub warehouses.  Of the five supervisors, one was a tall, […]

  • The sun don’t shine on the same ol’dogs rear end every day….

      In the spring of 2012, I was in Milwaukee to roll out Krombacher.  While visiting accounts with one of the salesmen, we stopped at the Pabst Brewery, which had closed in 1997.  Developers were in the process of turning the old brewery into a hotel, retail, and residential property.  The hospitality building, executive offices […]

  • Don’t solve problems…pursue opportunities…

    In my professional career, I’ve seen what I consider to be three major shifts in consumer tastes.  The first, was when the consumers moved away from full flavored domestics to light domestics. This shift was led by the marketing of Miller Lite from Philip Morris.  Lite, followed by Coors Light and Bud Light, are now […]