Month: April 2014

  • Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right thing..

    My first action as President of Warsteiner Importers Agency was to request an internal audit of the brewery.  This request was well received by the brewery, and as a result, their accounting firm proceeded to conduct an audit.  Given that I inherited a company which was millions in debt, and my charge was to make […]

  • The time is coming…

    When the opportunity to buy the Schlitz distributorship was first presented to me, I immediately started with future sales projections.  This was in 1980, and while the brand was declining, its market share was still around 40%.  My original projects included sales that first had growth, than if they went flat and finally,  I did what […]

  • You can’t strike oil without first getting dirty!

    During the time I spent at Coors Brewing Co., the brewery was buying distributorships to resell as part as certain covenants made to increase the number of minority ownership of Coors operations.  Once purchased, the brewery ran it for a short time than sold it.  My first assignment was to run the most recent distributorship […]

  • LOL….

    Like most young people, my first memories of beer took place with my father and grandfather.  As a young boy I remember my father opening a Miller beer can in the kitchen one day with a church key opener and he let me smell the hops escape.  I had a sip and can still vividly […]

  • It’s all real estate on the shelf…..

    Last year, one of my former national account managers had an interview with a small, but successful importer.  The national account manager had been unemployed for almost a year even though he had years of chain experience.  He was in his mid-fifties. The interview took place in Washington DC, and as it turned out, he […]