Month: February 2015

  • Time is surely timeless

    BMI annually publishes a report on beers that people no longer drink.  This year, the report also included the fastest growing category.  Let’s examine the 2008-2013 sales numbers. One hundred and ten year old Miller High Life is down 21.2%.  Miller Lite is down 22.6%, however, the numbers show that this brand is in the […]

  • Ridicule is the burden of genius……

    My bicycle trip across West Texas as a young District Sales Manager required a visit to Wichita Falls.  George, who was the DM I was replacing, and I visited the distributor and then left to visit our number one on premise account.  We ordered two Lone Stars at the bar and a gentleman next to us […]

  • I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there..

    Many of the comments that I have gotten from this blog centered on stories written about Schlitz.  Comments have come from not only former employees but also from wholesalers who were at one time associated with the brand. Recently I have gotten more comments about Schlitz than normal; however one comment I received in early […]

  • It’s all in a name…

    In the early 1970s when Miller Brewing Co. was testing their new beer Miller Lite, those of us in the beer industry were not certain about the identify of this new product.  We soon learned it was a lighter beer, but with a higher price.  And the consumer certainly was not yet aware of the […]