Month: May 2015

  • May 27, 2015….

    We take time every year this week to recognize the birthday of Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beers.  Jim turns 66 tomorrow. In last year’s blog about Jim, May 27, 2014, we highlighted not only the outstanding numbers Boston Beers was putting up, but also looked at some of the new products that were about […]

  • Sand, not rock……

    In December of 2005, over breakfast in New York, the than CEO of Warsteiner made it perfectly clear that he expected the US operations to start making money.  After 25 years in the US, Warsteiner had never made a profit, even when the exchange rate was favorable.  The upside of the favorable exchange rate did, […]

  • Good questions are better than easy answers

        At the recent Craft Brewers Conference in Portland much of the discussions were centered on the growing interest in Private Equity firms that are interested in investing in craft breweries.  A number of industry pundits and consultants commented that with ABI kicking tires and all the PE interest, prices may be peaking for […]

  • Cinco de Mayo…

    The market where I was fortunate to own a beer distributorship was located in far south Texas along the Mexican border.  The demographics of the marketing area, was as you might expect, was over 95% Hispanic. Even with such high Hispanic demographics, Cinco de Mayo was not consider a major holiday.  There were no special […]