Month: January 2016

  • Resistance is futile

    Over the years this blog has described the three tier system using an hour glass to illustrate how the beer industry operates.  In this description the top part represents the breweries, while the bottom part represents the retail trade.  The sand is the beer which must flow thru the middle part, aka the wholesalers, to ultimately reach […]

  • I don’t have a good work ethic, I have a real casual relationship with hours.

    My first day on a beer truck delivering Coors while a college student, was on a route that serviced a lake area outside of Dallas.  Because all beer was DSD at that time, we took two trucks loaded with beer.  The route salesman, a full time helper, and I were the only staff needed. We […]

  • It’s not the teaching, it’s the learning

    Much has been, and will continue to be written about crafts and how their percent overall beer sales in the U.S. will land.  The stated goal is for crafts to possess 20% market share by 2020. Stats show that sales have slowed for the on-premise accounts, but continue to grow for the off-premise accounts.  The […]

  • Tell the truth…it’s easier to memorize……

    This post begins my fifth year of blogs. As a follower, you know that I have been around the beer industry for a long time.  During these many decades I have seen a myriad of changes, some went well, others not so well. For years, MBA classes have taught students that a key ingredient to […]