Month: April 2016

  • It’s not the arrow, its the Indian…..

    By the early 1980s, the decline of Schlitz was accelerating.  In fact, Schlitz was grasping for air as its sales were declining at a rapid rate.  As previously discussed, this was due to adding an agent to the beer, chill-garde, to hide certain ingredients in Schlitz.  This agent agitated the foam, created an off-taste, and, […]

  • The continuing tsunami, 2016

    In July of 2012, this blog wrote about the coming tsunami, highlighting the number of new beers and packages coming into the marketplace that were projected based upon that summer’s TTB new label filings.  Distributors and retailers were both concerned about this massive influx of SKUs and ramped up their respective teams to figure out […]

  • Never let the other fellow set the agenda..

    There was much anticipation by both consumers and retailers in South Texas in 1976 when Coors expanded.  Coors had been available in N. Texas for about 10 years and was the largest selling brand in all those markets so it seemed it would be a slam dunk to do the same in the southern part […]

  • If we look at pricing holistically, we’ll create a more solid business.

    The ebb and flow of the beer industry has always been tied to the annual seasons.  The summer months have typically been the season when beer flows profusely, but even during the summer months, the holiday weeks truly can make or break the year’s sales numbers.  Over the decades, the beer industry parlayed non-summer holidays […]