Month: January 2018

  • Success is survival…

    History has proven that in the beer industry, when a brand begins to die, it will eventually end up in the grave yard with little chance of revitalization.  The list of dead brands in this category is long, and could take up this entire post. However, the list of brands that almost died, but did […]

  • Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why..

    In just the last month I have had a couple of small and new craft breweries, those which opened  within the past two years, with successful taprooms, vent their frustration at process of bringing their beer to market.  One craft brewer already had a distributor in place, while the other wanted to bring their beer […]

  • If you never try, you’ll never know what you’re capable of..

    The Julius Schepps Co. of Dallas, a very successful and large wine and spirit house, made the decision to sell in early 1997.  Although Schepps was predominately a wine and spirits house, they did have a very impressive beer portfolio, including the Modelo brands: Shiner, Guinness, Moosehead and other fine imports and specialties. The wine […]

  • Read my lips: no new taxes.

    George H. W. Bush was elected President, in part, due to his famous line: “Read my lips.  No new taxes!”  The U.S. economy was on fire during the Reagan years, due in part to the fact that President Reagan lowered taxes and removed the price controls put into effect during the Carter era.  The 80s […]

  • Nowadays, social media is the easiest place to go to find something..

    Editors note;  We are having server problems but should have them fixed soon.  Sorry for all the issues. The highlight of any annual brewery convention has traditionally been the unveiling of the next year’s new ad campaign.  This was especially true when a brewer had experienced slowing sales in its main brand, typically the result […]