Month: July 2018

  • The older you get…the better you were…

    A number of years ago, during a transition period in my career within the beer industry, my wife remarked that this profession seemed quite volatile and perhaps not the most secure place to build a career.  She had a good point.  A mental review of my life in the beer industry, and the companies in which […]

  • Reincarnation occurs because we decided that we haven’t learned enough lessons.

    In the collectible car world, the term “restomod” is used to describe a vintage car that has been updated or modernized.  Unless the classic car is highly desirable or very rare, it seems logical to modernize the vehicle by updating the brake system, frame, suspension, interior, air conditioner, stereo, etc., in order to create a vintage […]

  • Happy Anniversary………Year 6.

    This post begins the seventh year of Beer Business Unplugged. As has been typical, I will comment on past posts and the beer industry in general.  This year, there are three topics in the industry that continue to be of importance.  The first is the continued decline of the overall industry volume. Second, is Constellation’s […]

  • Every great brand is like a great story.

    Bill Hackett of Constellation Brands has long advocated that the beer industry is all about the brand building which, in his opinion, is lacking from suppliers. For decades, the industry has followed the line extensions model as this has been the path of least resistance. Light beers were the first line extensions and were by far, […]

  • Business is constantly changing, constantly evolving.

    The evolution of the beer industry is quite remarkable. While the industry itself has changed a great deal, perhaps nothing has evolved more in the industry than the beer wholesaler. From the end of WW II, until perhaps the late 60s/early 70s, the industry remained consistent.  Small wholesalers, one brand, a limited number of packages, […]