Month: September 2018

  • I have no problem with cheating. Whatever you can get away with.

    It is likely that if you have been in the beer industry for any amount of time, you are aware of either a wholesaler or vendor who has broken state or federal laws.  This is nothing new. In a past blog, it was illustrated that, as a Schlitz wholesaler with a 30%+ market share, I […]

  • What ever happened to?

    When Miller Lite was introduced in the early 1970s, along with AB, Coors, Schlitz, and other light beers, it took the industry ten years to realized that the light segment was not only here to stay, but could make a major impact on industry sales. When Corona changed from their stubby brown bottle to the […]

  • Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories.

    At around 6 AM west coast time, 17 years ago today, my wife called my cell phone and asked if I was watching “Good Morning America.”  At the time, I was at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas getting ready to attend the NBWA’s annual conference morning events.  Shortly after switching the channel to the […]

  • My slogan is I’m the least qualified guy for the job, but I’d probably do the best job.

    By the late 1980s, Coors Brewing Co. had almost filled their U.S. footprint with the brewery’s eastern expansion.  At the time, Coors’ field sales were managed by two U.S. regions: one eastern, and one western.  Coors chose an executive from Pepsi, a man with no beer experience, to manage the western division.  He conducted his […]