Month: August 2019

  • Branding is a deliberate differentiation

    Here are the powerful brands that sit at the very top of the list: Rank Brand Brand Value ($B) 1-Yr Value Change Industry #1 Apple $205.5 +12% Technology #2 Google $167.7 +27% Technology #3 Microsoft $125.3 +20% Technology #4 Amazon $97.0 +37% Technology #5 Facebook $88.9 -6% Technology #6 Coca-Cola $59.2 +3% Beverages #7 Samsung […]

  • He who refuses to learn deserves extinction

    Over the years many books have been written about the beer industry.  The majority of which have dealt with the industry’s history by focusing on brands, breweries, individuals, and historic cities including  Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. One such historical piece was written by Maureen Ogle, Ambitious Brew.  Other books have centered on brands and importers from a more […]

  • This is the age of disruption

    The term “disruptor” or “disruption” is the current go-to expression for many industries that want to use the vernacular to describe new products or key employees. One might even consider the word “disruptor” the business model de jour!  The key question is: how does this label, “disruptor” apply to the beer industry? From a distance one […]