Nov 202018

Thanksgiving posts in the past have been a myriad of topics within the beer industry, the majority of them; however, have focused on subjects for which we are all thankful.  The most popular Thanksgiving story was the 2014 post on Lone Star Beer.

Many of the posts have highlighted past events for which we were thankful.  We are currently witnessing how these occurrences, for which we were once thankful, have shaped the future of the beer industry.  Let’s now project what the industry might be thankful for in the coming years:

  • Continued growth of the craft segment and the excitement that craft brings to the industry,
  • Premiumization of all beer,
  • The size of the millennial generation, the largest segment of the population in history,
  • Seltzers, FMBs, and spiked water which appear to be the beer industries’ next major growth segment and the best weapon against the onslaught of wine and spirits,
  • Taprooms and local breweries which signal a return to neighborhood connections,
  • Lower taxes and more jobs,
  • Higher incomes,
  • Lower gas prices,
  • Continued lower taxes on beer (all beer!),
  • Favorable legislation on both the Federal and State levels thereby fueling growth in the beer industry,
  • A growing export business for all makes and sizes of U.S. brewers,
  • Continued technological advancements which thereby enhance efficiencies and profitabilities,
  • Michelob Ultra,
  • Constellation Brands,
  • Boston Beer,
  • Higher quality in craft brewing.

These are just a few of the items the beer industry can be thankful for in the coming years.  If you know of additional future trends, please let me know.

By the time this is posted, perhaps there will be an end to the Pabst Brewing Co.’s suit against MillerCoors; a suit which is currently being litigated in Milwaukee.  There is much at stake for both breweries in this suit, but the outcome will also affect many wholesalers and consumers.   More on this after the suit ends.

I would like to take this time to wish all of those in the beer industry an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday, and especially recognize all who make, deliver and service beer!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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