Happy Anniversary…year 8!

This writing begins the ninth year of BeerBusinessUnplugged posts. For the past eight years, the posts were a weekly occurrence, but as of January of this year, they became monthly.

Needless to say, this year has produced more disruption in the industry than in any year past. In 2019, despite the tremendous growth of the seltzer segment, concerns proliferated over whether or not seltzers were simply a seasonal summer beverage, or would the surge in popularity be more of a spike and crash occurrence. Fast forward to 2002 and the seltzer segment continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. It seems there is no ceiling.

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And now, of course, we are dealing with the Coronavirus. Though each state is handling business openings differently, several large beer-consuming states, including Texas, Florida, Arizona, California, and Illinois are either pushing back their openings or totally closing bars and restaurants. As we saw this spring, such action causes massive issues with kegs and on-premise accounts. Although the industry is attempting to get a handle on the future of beer sales, the rules are constantly changing, thus making it almost impossible to develop such plans.

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The most-read post to date, Success and Failure are Both Part of Life. Neither are Permanent, was written on February 19, 2019. Despite moving from weekly to monthly posts, the number of reads is now close to 170K. Your comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated. I will write and post when a topic is of importance.

Thank you for reading and stay well.

Following is this year’s nostalgic Schlitz commercial.






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    Not sure about the post, but the commercial was GREAT…


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